Prime Ventures

Prime Ventures produces media for distribution across numerous platforms (television, radio, CD / DVD, print, and digital).  Independently, in partnership, or ‘for hire,’ Prime Ventures specializes in fully developing entertainment concepts, drafting comprehensive business and marketing plans, assembling ‘A-list’ teams, and overseeing the implementation / production to successfully bring concepts to market. 

Music For a Cause

Prime Ventures partners with Music For a Cause, a record label founded in 2003, that operates in Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, and Gainesville, FL. It is a subsidiary of Prime Ventures, Inc.  Using the power of song, we help to raise awareness and funds for worthy charities.  By combining philanthropy with entertainment, we provide a benefit to both those in need and those who contribute.  Music for a Cause is an example of the new and successful trend called social entrepreneurship, in which for-profit companies partner with non-profits to harness the power of the marketplace to help accomplish charitable goals.






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